Questions Santa has Received

Having been Santa’s long-time Chief-of-Elferation, Bernard and Santa have had a lot of conversations about all kinds of topics. Over the centuries Bernard has asked Santa a few questions. Here are a few questions and answers that I, Bernard, think you will find interesting.

How do my Reindeer fly and pull my sleigh full of presents up into the sky? You see, I experimented with this for many years and finally the Elves and I came up with just the right formula. All year long we feed the Reindeer special hay and alfalfa that is grown in lush meadows high in the mountains. It is very nutritious and builds up the Reindeers strength. Then, three weeks before Christmas Eve we change their feed to a special blend of beans. By the time Christmas Eve arrives, they are jumping and flying all over the place.

Why is Santa’s suit red? Many, many years ago I used to wear a white suit. You may have seen some old pictures of me in my white suit. But a number of years back Mrs. Claus declared that every Thursday night up here at the North Pole would be spaghetti dinner night for the Elves and me. Well, so much red spaghetti sauce would get splashed onto my white suit – the Elves like to put one end of the spaghetti noodle in their mouths and suck it in it in until all of it is in their mouths – that Mrs. Claus asked me to start wearing my red suit. My red suit had been my working suit, the suit that I wore when I was painting toys. Now, I just wear my red suit all of the time and I love it.

Why does Rudolph’s nose glow? Im not sure, but can only imagine what happened here. As I mentioned before, for most of the year my Reindeer eat special hay and alfalfa that is grown in lush meadows high in the mountains. Then, one year there was a shortage, and we were forced to use some hay and alfalfa that came from a field next to some kind of a power generating plant with big silos. After eating this hay and alfalfa, all of a sudden Rudolph’s nose started to glow. On the many dark and stormy Christmas Eves that we have, I’m sure thankful that Rudolph’s glowing nose lights the way for my Reindeer to find your house.

Why do the Elves say Ho! Ho! Ho! ? The Elves started saying Ho! Ho! Ho! during one warm summer about 100 years ago. Mrs. Clause was out working in our garden, hoeing the weeds between our carrot plants. I was snoozing close-by on a bench, carefully watching the situation. Some of the Elves came walking by, saw Mrs. Clause hoeing, and called out Hoe! Hoe! Hoe! to try to encourage her to keep up the good work she was doing. Over the years this friendly greeting just got shortened to Ho! Ho! Ho!, and now the Elves say it all of the time.

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