How Santa Knows

Santa and Friend at Secret Meeting
Every year a few kids say to themselves “Santa can’t really know what I’m doing all the time” so they misbehave. When there is no quick indication Santa saw what they did, they misbehave again. Those are usually the kids that end up on the Naughty List. I know none of you would ever do that.

What these kids don’t know is that Santa has a vast Network of Friends checking on kids to decide whether to put them on the Naughty or Nice List. This is one of the most secret of secrets here at Santa’s Workshop. Please, please, don’t tell anyone, especially Santa, that I just told you Santa has a Network of Friends checking on kids around the world. If Santa ever found out I told you . . , well, let’s just say it’s not a good thing when a trusted elf ends up on the Naughty List. Yowsers!

It all started one quiet evening centuries ago when Santa invited some close friends to sample a fine vintage of hot cocoa and talk about how best to keep on eye on kids. One of the ideas was to have the reindeer do some of the checking on kids. That idea was discussed for a long time. Then someone mentioned that everyone knows Santa has reindeer, so that idea wouldn’t work. But then Donner, one of Santa’s most trusted reindeer friends, mentioned his elk cousin Lizbeth constantly looked at everything she saw and wrote it down in a little book. She is a most curious elk. Because no one was aware that Santa knew any elk, it was decided to try the elk out.

This worked very well for the first few hundred years. The elk and Santa developed ways to pass information along to each other and how to keep an eye on kids without being noticed.  Santa eventually decided he needed to expand his Network of Friends. More Friends were needed because elk only live in certain areas and kids live all over. Lizbeth talked to Viktor, one of her deer cousins whom she spent vacations by the lake with, about keeping an eye on kids where he and other deer live. The group soon asked the rabbits and squirrels and birds to keep an eye on kids all over the world.

Today, Santa’s Network of Friends is huge. The Friends constantly watch kids’ behavior and report back to Santa. While not every elk, or deer, or rabbit, or squirrel, or bird is watching over kids, you never know who is . . .  or is not. If you find you are being visited more often by any elk or deer, or if the squirrels or birds are visiting your yard more often, it might mean Santa is making one last check on how you are behaving. I would be extra good if I were you.

Remember, please don’t tell anyone I told you about how Santa keeps his eye on kids all over the world. As I said, this is one of the most secret of secrets up here at Santa’s Workshop. I’m telling you because you are one of Santa’s Special Kids and I want you to stay on the Nice List. Now, I have to go see if any of the Friends are in my backyard watching.

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