Reindeer Training Program

As you kids know, Santa’s reindeer pull Santa’s sleigh all around the world on Christmas Eve. That is more difficult than you could ever imagine. Santa and his reindeer visit every country and stop at every house with kids. And remember, Santa’s sleigh is very heavy – it is filled with toys and presents to put under every tree and goodies to put in all of the Christmas stockings hanging inside of every house.


Keeping Santa’s reindeer healthy and fit for their important job on Christmas Eve is my responsibility now. I thought I would give you the inside story about how Santa put me in charge of Santa’s reindeer and how I keep them healthy and fit.

Many, many, many years ago, Santa came to me and said: “Sebastian, I would like for you to look after my reindeer to make sure that they are ready to complete our entire trip on Christmas Eve.” This happened after a year when a few of the reindeer – I won’t mention names here, but you know who you are – were so out of shape they almost couldn’t pull the sleigh to kids’ houses in the last few countries. Santa almost couldn’t finish Coach Santahis trip. Luckily, a nice and smart little boy and girl left magical reindeer food out for the reindeer. This boost of energy revived the weary reindeer and Santa could finish his big trip. I bet you can guess who got a few extra presents under their tree that year.

Ever since then, Santa sends magical reindeer food to a few kids around the world to put outside their houses to keep his reindeer happy and full of energy. Other kids frequently put out carrots for the reindeer. Reindeer love carrots. After all, Santa gets lot of cookies and milk or hot cocoa to keep him full of energy, so why shouldn’t his trusted reindeer get a few treats too?

It was clear that we needed to do something to make absolutely, positively, super duper sure that this problem never happened again. Because there are more and more kids every year and they live farther and farther away, we wanted to make sure the reindeer had the energy and stamina to visit every kid around the whole world. So, Santa and I agreed to do whatever was necessary to make sure that his reindeer were healthy and in great condition for Christmas Eve.

We started out by making sure that Santa’s reindeer were eating the right foods. We make sure the reindeer have healthy hay and grass growing in the lush meadows in the high mountain valleys that are close to the North Pole. We also started a garden just for the reindeer that grows vegetables like snow peas and winter squash.

We also started an exercise and conditioning program. This program goes all year long to help build up the reindeers’ strength and stamina. Every year we start this program the month following Christmas. At first every reindeer spends one hour per day pulling Santa’s small sleigh all by themselves. Each week we add additional toys and presents to the sleigh. This goes on until each reindeer can pull 100 toys and presents in Santa’s small sleigh for a few hours without getting overly tired.

After the reindeer have strengthened their muscles, we start working with them in teams of two reindeer at a time, and then four at a time, and then all of the way up to the full team. This helps get the reindeer used to talking with one another, and cooperating and working together. This is a very important for Santa’s reindeer – and for all kids to learn as well.

This daily exercising and conditioning goes on right up until two weeks before Christmas. Then all of the reindeer get a little time off to rest and get ready for their big trip with Santa on Christmas Eve. Santa’s reindeer have been able to make the entire trip on Christmas Eve ever since we started this program. That makes all of the kids happy, and happy kids make Santa happy.

We’re getting close to the Big Day! I know you can feel the energy and excitement. I know I can. I watch the Christmas Spirit Meter and I can see your excitement build over time. I know Santa’s sleigh is going to fly high and fast this year. Keep helping out and spreading Christmas Cheer!!!

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